Admin Console

  • Creation of Users
  • Building Roles
  • Forming Groups
  • Collaboration of Users, Roles and Groups
  • Lock handling
  • Creating sessions, workflow and worklets

Best Practices

  • Understanding and adopting best Practices for managing repository

Repository Manager

  • Managing Repository
  • Repository Manager – Client Tool
  • Functionalities of Previous Versions
  • Important Tasks in Repository Manager

Performance Tuning

  • Objectives of Performance Tuning
  • Defining performance tuning
  • Learning the sequence for tuning

Mapplet and Loading to Multiple Designer

  • Mapplet designer
  • Worklet designer
  • Target load plan
  • Loading to multiple targets
  • Linking Property

Slowly Changing Dimension Practical Session

Slowly Changing Dimension

  • What is SCD?
  • Processing in XML
  • Learn how to handle Flat file
  • List and Define various Transformations
  • Implementing ‘for loop’ in Power center
  • Concepts of Pushdown optimization and Partitioning
  • What is Constraint based loading?
  • What is Incremental Aggregation?

Lookup Transformation

  • Lookup Transformation
  • Connected lookup transformation
  • Unconnected lookup transformation
  • Dynamic and Static lookup

Source Qualifier Transformation

  • Source Qualifier Transformation
  • Mapping

Router Transformation

  •  Router Transformation

Ranking Transformation

  • Ranking Transformation, Practical, Syntax for rank and dense rank.

Ranking and Union Transformation

  • Union Transformation
  • Ranking Transformation
  • Practical on Union Transformation

Joiner Transformation

  •  Joiner Transformation

Shorter / Sequence / Filter Transformation

  • Shorter Transformation
  • Sequence Transformation
  • Filter Transformation

Practical on Expression Transformation

  • Expression Transformation

Active and Passive Transformation

  • Active and Passive Transformation

Informatica Configuration

  • Informatica Configuration
  • Integration Services
  • ETL Folder
  • ETL Job File

Data Warehousing/Cleansing/Merging Concepts

  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Scrubbing
  • Data Aggregation
  • Informatica power center ETL

Workflow Informatica

  • Other tasks in Workflow Manager
  • Creating dependencies
  • Scope of Workflow Monitor
  • Performing other operations
  • Define Variable and Parameter in Informatica

Parameters & Variables

  • Parameter files and their scope
  • Parameter of Mapping
  • Worklet and Session Parameter
  • Workflow and Service Variable
  • Basic Development Errors

Error Handling Recovery Informatica

  • Session and Workflow log
  • Using Debuggers
  • Error Handling framework in Informatica
  • Failover and High Availability

High Availability Failover

  • Configurations and Mechanisms in Recovery
  • Checking health of PowerCenter Environment

Informatica Utilities

Different Utilities of Informatica

  • Processing of Flat File

Flat File Processing (Advance Transformations)

  • Fixed Length and Delimited
  • Expression Transformations- Sequence numbers
  • Dynamic Targeting using Transaction Control

Dynamic Targeting

  • Dynamic Target with use of transaction Control
  • Indirect loading

Java Transformations

  •  Transformations in Java

Unconnected Stored Procedure Usage

  • Practical & explaining the usage of Wizard

SCD Types

  • Use of SQL Transformation (Active and Passive)
  • Incremental Aggregation

Incremental Aggregation

Comparison between Incremental Aggregation and Incremental Loading

Constraint Based Loading

  •  XML Processing

XML And Active Look Up

  • XML Transformations
  • Active lookup
  • Push-down Optimization

Push Down Optimization

  • Push down optimization
  • Partitioning

Cache Management

  • Understanding session cache
  • Importance of cache creation with
  • Implementing session cache
  • Calculating cache requirement

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