Hadoop For Admin


Hadoop Cluster Administration

  • Introduction to Big Data
  • Hadoop Architecture
  • MapReduce Framework
  • A typical Hadoop Cluster
  • Data Loading into HDFS

Hadoop Architecture and Cluster setup

  • Hadoop server roles
  • Rack Awareness
  • Anatomy of Write and Read
  • Replication Pipeline
  • Data Processing
  • Hadoop Installation and Initial Configuration
  • Deploying Hadoop in pseudo-distributed mode
  • deploying a multi-node Hadoop cluster and Installing Hadoop Clients

Hadoop Cluster: Planning and Managing

  • Planning the Hadoop Cluster
  • Cluster Size
  • Hardware and Software considerations
  • Managing and Scheduling Jobs
  • types of schedulers in Hadoop
  • Configuring the schedulers and run MapReduce jobs
  • Cluster Monitoring and Troubleshooting.

Backup Recovery and Maintenance

  • Configure Rack awareness
  • Setting up Hadoop Backup
  • whitelist and blacklist data nodes in a cluster
  • setup quota’s
  • upgrade Hadoop cluster
  • copy data across clusters using distcp
  • Diagnostics and Recovery
  • Cluster Maintenance.

Hadoop 2.0 and High Availability

  • Configuring Secondary NameNode
  • Hadoop 2.0
  • YARN framework
  • MRv2
  • Hadoop 2.0 Cluster setup
  • Deploying Hadoop 2.0 in pseudo-distributed mode
  • Deploying a multi-node Hadoop 2.0 cluster.

Advanced Topics: QJM HDFS Federation and Security

  • Configuring HDFS Federation
  • Basics of Hadoop Platform Security
  • Securing the Platform
  • Configuring Kerberos.

Oozie Hcatalog/Hive and HBase Administration

  • Oozie
  • Hcatalog/Hive Administration
  • HBase Architecture
  • HBase setup
  • HBase and Hive Integration
  • HBase performance optimization.

Project: Hadoop Implementation

  •  Create a Hadoop Cluster for a Real World Use Case

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